Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gamer Girl

by Mari Mancusi

Maddy Starr is the new girl in school. Since her parents' divorce, moving to a new town, and leaving all her old friends behind, she feels like an outcast more than ever. She dresses different than the other suburban kids at her school and loves to read and draw Manga. All of this has earned her the nickname,"Freak Girl" and constant torment from the clique of "Haters" at school. Maddy's only escape is into her favorite online game "Fields of Fantasy" where she has developed an alter-ego known as Allora. Gaining the strength to finally make friends at school by starting a Manga club, she feels like things are beginning to improve. Then the in-crowd "Haters” strike again, and Maddy must face her real-life fears and enemies once and for all.

--Philip S., Student